FlutterSwap x ClosedSea Partnership

Hello, mates!

Good day for today!

As we have promised you in the previous article, we will post the updated information from our team.

At this time, we will talk about PARTNERSHIP!

— -

Yes, FlutterSwap has made a partnership with another project.

FlutterSwap and ClosedSea have agreed to make the good collaboration.

— -

ClosedSea is the World’s First ZERO FEE Multi-Chain NFT, NFT Games & Metaverse Marketplace.

FlutterSwap joins forces with Closedsea which will provide access to collections of limited NFTs for both communities.

In the future, the NFTs for Closedsea will be tradable on the FlutterSwap. NFT Marketplace using the native token $FSWAP.

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We hope this partnership will have a tremendous impact on both projects.

Thank you

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FSWAP Initial Burning Done ✅

Hello everybody!

We have the good news today.

You may already see it in its title.

Yes, we have done FlutterSwap Initial Burning now!

As for the roadmap, we already burnt 25,000,000 $FSWAP !!

You can check this hash as the proof : https://btachain.com/tx/0x15c15fdae43f5adb53e092f5881d8cb2b48283e7edfcb2662fd09e713537628d

— -

But you know what?

There will be more burning tokens in the future!

It is just the beginning! We hope it will make you happy.

— -

We also need to know that at this moment, our team is working behind the scenes.

We hope you can patiently wait us and we promise that we will give you updates for every movement.

— -

Next update, we will inform you about a new product that we will launch soon!

Are you ready?

Stay tuned!

Thank you.



Mainnet FSWAP contract address has been deployed

No need to wait any longer.

Now, we are glad to see our project always moving to step ahead. After announcing our testnet contract address, we immediately to officially announce our Mainnet FSWAP contract address

FSWAP Token: https://btachain.com/address/0x0336b1f697b844aeab956914fc9420e8934b3256

Syrub: https://btachain.com/address/0xcf6ca64a53650dda8ceeecf6233536adec07fa77

Masterchef: https://btachain.com/address/0x3c489b471b20e06a726e2f5f3796387550d240b8

WBTA: https://btachain.com/address/0xac8b313be71fdf96af7549a78120a253d4324ad1

Factory: https://btachain.com/address/0xd47298593ba5a1dc7a058921f7e0ca89c79812bf

Router: https://btachain.com/address/0x0672bf8bd2706052491816b95c35fc1329708e45

You can check our mainnet contract address now.

We hope you are also happy with this process. We still keep working on it in order to move to next steps. Thank you.

Please wait and keep supporting us!



Testnet FSWAP Contract Address

Test FSWAP contract address has been deployed

Today, we are excited to announce that we have deployed our FSWAP contract address on the Testnet BTAchain.

FSWAP Token: https://testnet.btachain.com/address/0x60b2f7518754ffe61706f3974a87c9047d35c3f0

Syrub: https://testnet.btachain.com/address/0xb7711a94c81d0d6a38e29e547415619c5dbed5b7

Masterchef: https://testnet.btachain.com/address/0x5b51c44af25c9d74ad80dac806c346b1621de0e1

You can check our testnet contract address. We hope we can deploy them on the mainnet once we have been ready.

Thank you.

Please wait and keep supporting us!



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