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We are sure that you already know what the BTAchain is. It is a decentralized public chain which is made by the Bitcoin Asset team. This public chain is a newcomer in the cryptocurrency space and has many potential benefits for its users.

A protocol that became a new breakthrough deserves a lot of thumbs up. The reason is, this protocol offers various features that other protocols also have. What’s even more interesting is, the very low transaction fees is a major advantage of this protocol.

Its presence is a new breakthrough in this field.


After we’ve known and learnt about BTAchain, we saw the potential here. We felt that we should not remain silent. We must help this protocol to build even better in the future. That’s why we want to help this protocol build an ecosystem by presenting Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Decentralized Market Maker on the BTA blockchain (BTACHAIN) , which we call as FLUTTERSWAP ~ https://flutterswap.finance/

FlutterSwap wants to be the first Decentralized Exchange which uses this protocol. We want to be a successful DEX like and even want to exceed Pancakeswap in BSC and Uniswap in ETH.

So if anyone asks you, what is the first famous and trusted DEX in BTA20 ?

The answer must be us, FLUTTERSWAP!

We want you to answer that later!

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As we mentioned on the whitepaper : https://flutterswap.finance/assets/FlutterSwap-Whitepaper.pdf , we have vision and mission :

Mission :

‘ FlutterSwap will build the best decentralized exchange on the BTACHAIN , with a very unique UI/UX and a lot of future developments. FlutterSwap will be accessible by millions of crypto users without any form of registration. ‘

Vision :

‘ FlutterSwap aim to be the largest decentralized exchange on the BTACHAIN , that attract millions of users that will be welcoming the btachain technology. ‘

Yes, that’s our target, maybe even more.

Please review our whitepaper for a more complete explanation of FlutterSwap.


We just finished a private sale on our official telegram group: https://t.me/flutterswapchat , and we managed to reach $25,000 more from the private sale.

We thank the investors who have participated in the private sale.

Your trust is our courage!

We will allocate funds for:

If you have any idea and suggestion for us, you can reach us on the official community group : https://t.me/flutterswapchat

We will always hear you.

We want this project built by our community together


Our team is working on DEX and Price Tracker now.

We hope it will be launched in the next few weeks before we move to the IDO ( Initial DEX Offering ) sale.

When it will be launched, we will inform it on our official social media :

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Here are our official account :

Telegram Group : https://t.me/flutterswapchat

Telegram announcement : https://t.me/flutterswapann

Twitter : https://Twitter.com/flutterswap

Reddit : https://Reddit.com/flutterswap

GitHub : https://GitHub.com/flutterswap

YouTube : https://youtube.com/channel/UCXtwaE36yW3DpFsFelkiWWw

Medium : https://flutterswap.medium.com

support@flutterswap.finance or flutterswap@gmail.com

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Keep supporting us!

Please remember, “ Rome is not built in a day ”.

We have just started. Be ready anytime!

The first decentralized exchange and decentralized market maker on the BTACHAIN