You can see our UI/UX now!

“ Something bullish. Thanks to our community. Stay tuned 🚀🚀🚀”

The message that we posted on the community group a few hours ago, made our mates wonder.

Some users asked us,

“ What news? “

“ What happened? “

“ Is there something new? ”

“ Very exciting, give us a hint. ”

They are all so curious.

Sorry mate, honestly, we wanted to tell you this early, but we needed to wait.

Because the time is now.

On this day, we want to tell you that we officially launch the FlutterSwap UI/UX.

Here you are :

What? I can not hear you.

You said that it is really cool?

OF COURSE, Really cool.

We want to give the best for our community.

Our community is our greatest motivation, that’s why we will always deliver to our community.

This is just a tip of the iceberg, our UI/UX is live, kindly take a look and give us feedback .

We are proud to be the first DEX on BTAchain.

If you have any suggestions and ideas, please let us know.

We will hear you.

Thank you

Keep supporting us.



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